Keuruun Sähkö joins as an investor partner warmly welcomes Keuruun Sähkö as our latest investor partner. Keuruun Sähkö joins’s existing investor and partner network, which already includes energy utilities Leppäkoski Group and Sallilan Energia, and the energy industry technology solutions provider Ensto.

“It was a quite straightforward decision to join as the fund’s initial development has been very positive and the future outlook of the portfolio companies looks promising. Participation also gives us an unique view of the new technologies disrupting the energy sector. is only a small part of our investment portfolio, but a part which we expect to provide most strategic benefits for our core businesses” says Esa Koivula, CEO of the Keuruun Sähkö.

Jussi Teijonsalo, partner and CEO of, is glad to have new investor partner join the fund’s operations. “We are happy to welcome Keuruun Sähkö as a new investor. Having more utilities as our partners enables us to provide even more piloting and commercialization support for our portfolio companies, making the technology validation and go-to-market for novel innovations a bit easier and faster”. was established in 2019 to invest in promising energy sector technological innovations. By pooling up the resources and sharing risk between various energy sector companies, the fund carries on the long tradition within the Finnish energy sector of collaborating across organizational boundaries for shared benefit.

“We are in discussions with other potential investors. Hopefully we can soon announce new companies joining family” CEO Jussi Teijonsalo concludes.


KEURUUN SÄHKÖ is a full service energy company, which was founded in 1915 and is currently owned by the city of Keuruu. The three core business units are: electricity distribution, energy retail and heat solutions. In addition the company owns a network construction and installation business. Revenues in 2021 were in excess of 16 million euro and the group employs 45 people. is the first investor in superb teams disrupting the energy business. The fund was registered in 2019 and its strategy is to invest into pre-seed and seed stage startups, who bring new technological innovations into the energy industry. Integral part of the strategy is to bring our partners’ expertise, piloting opportunities and possible customers for accelerating the portfolio companies’ development and growth. The fund has so far invested in four energy sector startup companies.


We are happy to announce our latest investment in CeLLife Technologies Oy, a Finnish deep-tech startup focusing on battery testing, analytics and recycling. CeLLife's innovative technology allows faster and more accurate testing of individual battery cells, thus enabling use of second-life batteries with greater confidence and cost-effectiveness.
28.02.2023 has made its first ever investment in an Estonian start-up, Bioreactor Oü. Bioreactor develops cloud-controlled micro bioreactors for decentralized heat and power generation. The innovative biomass gasification combined with deep learning and digital twin technology enables cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions for households while deriving extra revenues from the increasingly volatile wholesale power markets.
09.01.2023 pääsee aloittamaan uuden vuoden uudesta tilanteesta. Vuoden 2022 aikana irtauduimme kahdesta sijoituskohteesta ja saimme yhden uuden sijoittajan. Nämä vahvistivat uskoa konseptimme toimivuuteen ja mahdollisuuteen tehdä uusia kannattavia sijoituksia. Tältä pohjalta tulemme vuoden aikana nostamaan hallinnoitavien varojen määrää ja tekemään muutaman uuden sijoituksen energiatoimialan murrosta nopeuttaviin teknologioihin.
09.11.2022 portfolio company Ai4 Technologies was acquired by Sharper Shape, a US based growth company with Finnish roots offering a holistic and proactive approach to utility asset and vegetation management. The transaction was executed via share transfer - making Sharper Shape Group Inc the newest portfolio company for