made a seed investment to fuel development of EV fast charging

Currently available EV charging stations are inflexible in their power delivery to vehicles. A charging unit reserves the maximum power it can deliver and if a vehicle cannot receive the full power the extra power cannot be delivered to any other vehicle. This leads to inefficient use of power investment as well as significantly dropped customer satisfaction as drivers waiting to get to the charging point cannot get any service, even though there would be
enough power, but no charging station available.

Unified Chargers has developed and patented a flexible modular method to flexibly distribute the available power to a number of fast charging stations according to the individual vehicle capability to receive charging power. The solution contains the charging stations and their control system and logic as well as payment solution for the charging operators.

The technology  has been developed over several years of research. lead the investment round to finance market entry and business development of the company,


An EV fast charging station utilizing innovative new technology by the Finnish start-up company Unified Charges Oy has been installed to Juustoportti Oy by Leppäkosken Energia. During the spring the charging station will be tested and charging will be offered free by Leppäkoski.
Helsinki, Finland based Safegrid, the creator of the Safegrid Intelligent Grid System, has raised a seed funding round from, the first investor in superb teams disrupting energy business. The funding is supplemented by a development grant from Business Finland
17.06.2019 was lead investor in Unified Charger's seed round. Unified Chargers is a Finnish startup that develops scalable fast charging technology.
Newly launched alternative fund I Ky has made its first investment. Bamomas, the investee, is an early stage startup that develops software service to bring intelligence into battery fleet management