Geyser Batteries won the Energia2020 innovation competition at WEC Energiapäivä

23.06.2021 organizes an innovation challenge together with Tampereen Messut.
Tuomas Oksanen will join as Investment Director on the 24th of May. Tuomas will bring to the team his considerable network and experience from fundraising and working with start-up companies across different sectors, most recently at Aalto Start-Up Center. We're looking forward to growing the fund and our portfolio with Tuomas!
Safegrid has raised a 600 thousand-euro funding round from Tesi, and private investors. “This new funding lets us accelerate our product development, sales, and marketing activities. We have literally dozens of inquiries about our system from all continents and now we have the resources to start ramping up our deliveries to a wider customer base,” said Mr. Jussi Hakunti, the CEO of Safegrid.
The Finnish electrical solution provider Ensto has joined investment fund and brings its expertise and network to the advisory team.