You have landed on the right place, If you are a startup with innovative energy related idea or an expert interested to get involved in supporting these ideas.

Grid.LAB is a platform for developing disruptive innovations in the field of energy. Our experts, corporate partners and piloting facilities are available for validating ideas, testing prototypes and scaling innovations.

Grid.LAB is free-of-charge to startups and we do not take equity stake. Grid.LAB’s target is to accelerate energy transition and to support all parties involved in the changing energy field.

Grid.LAB process consists of three themed mentoring discussions together with our experts. The process typically lasts for two to three months and may lead for example into piloting with one of our partners or an investment from our venture fund Grid.VC.

Being a mentor in Grid.LAB is an easy and interesting way to get view on new innovations in energy. Read more in FAQ below or contact us.

Click to apply below, if you are a startup or an expert willing to support the innovation in energy. We are excited to have you on board.



To apply, please send a free form description of your innovation attached with any available material supporting the case, such as a pitch deck or business plan, to info@grid.vc.


You will get feedback based on your application in two weeks. After that the process and timeline is agreed separately, but typically the mentoring process takes 2-3 months.

Grid.LAB does not cost or require travelling.

You will get insight about your business plan from experts who work in the energy industry. We focus on three areas that create most challenges in new ventures. Those are: product-market fit, business model and team. We focus on one of these topics in each of the sessions.

As a private person mentor you have no mandatory responsibilities. We notify you on startups that might benefit from your expertise. You may individually choose the teams that you join. Once you do engage in to a mentoring process, the only requirement is to get familiar with the material and join the three mentoring calls. After the process there is no further responsibilities. Being part of mentoring team will give you access to discuss with some of the most interesting startups currently in the energy field.

Yes. We have corporate plans that give you view in to the innovations in the energy field in Europe. The plans give you access to cooperate with the startups but also broader view into development of the field. For further details contact mika.laatu@grid.vc.