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Energy industry is making a great leap to a renewable and distributed future. New innovation and collaboration between utilities, corporates, startups and universities is needed to make the transition happen. Finnish utility Leppäkosken Sähkö Oy started the operations of Grid.vc on fall 2019 with the aim to enable investing and supporting startups together with other corporate partners. Grid.vc Oy is fully owned by Leppäkosken Sähkö Oy.

Grid.vc is a registered alternative fund manager that manages Grid.vc I Ky fund. Assets under management in the fund are 2.5 million euros from Finnish corporate investors. The fund’s strategy is to invest into pre-seed and seed stage startups, who bring new technological innovation into the energy industry. Integral part of the strategy is to bring our partners’ expertise, piloting opportunities and possible customers for accelerating the portfolio companies development and growth.

Grid.vc’s media contact is Jussi Teijonsalo, Managing Director, tel +358 40 584 2090, email jussi.teijonsalo@grid.vc


Several industries are looking for new solutions in order to transform into sustainable operating model. Unfortunately, these markets usually are not easily accessible for startups. Grid.vc combines seed investing, active support and corporate partners into unique offering that truly creates added value to the new ventures. For corporate partners Grid.vc provides view into innovation in energytech and new business opportunities as well as an efficient way of sharing risk and organizing open innovation. For investors Grid.vc is one-of-a-kind opportunity to do impactful investing together with long-lasting corporates. Find more about opportunities Grid.vc can offer by contacting our team.


Jaakko Isotalo

Fund and dealflow manager

In charge of operations, dealflow and investments of Grid.vc as well as the international network of investors, accelerators and industrial operators. Jaakko is experienced finance professional, who has worked in startups, corporates and transaction advisory


+358 40 7123 655

Mika Laatu

LAB Director

In charge of analysing the technology and business structure of Grid.LAB companies. supporting strategy work and promoting co-operation with industrial partners. Mika has a long history from customer interface in energy.


+358 44 750 3309

Jussi Teijonsalo

Managing Director

Management responsibility including investor relations, investment analysis, and transactions. Jussi has an extensive background in energy as a CEO, CFO and Strategy director. Jussi also has a long track record in energy related deal advisory.


+358 40 584 2090



Grid.vc is a member of Finnish Venture Capital Association (FVCA). We comply with FVCA’s transparency guidelines to promote openness in venture capital industry. Our investor reporting complies with Invest Europe Reporting Guidelines. Our valuations are based on the International Private Equity and Venture Capital Valuation Guidelines (IPEVG).

Grid.vc follows FVCA recommendations for responsible investing. Our principles for environmental, social and governance issues (ESG) are:



  • Safe and healthy working conditions are important to our employees and those of our target companies. We do not allow target companies to engage in activities that endanger the safety of their own or their subcontractors. We do not accept child labor or any other unethical employment
  • We do not accept discrimination in any form
  • We are actively building social relationships, in particular to promote new environmentally friendly technologies in the energy sector


  • We aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Global warming is a global problem that is driving the business of many of our target companies
  • Energy efficiency is important to us and one of our investment themes
  • We strive for efficient use of materials. The circular economy is important and we see it as an opportunity, which is why we have chosen it as one of our themes in our investment strategy



  • We strive for open and reliable corporate governance in our own operations and in those of our target companies
  • Trust is a prerequisite for everything in venture capital. Trustworthiness is one of our four values and we want to be a fully reliable partner for our investors and portfolio companies
  • We are fighting money laundering and terrorism. We do not accept investments whose origin is unclear. We also do not invest in portfolio companies whose actual owners cannot be identified

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